I was lucky enough to work directly with such as Rod, who is an amazing teacher, Wayne and his awesome yet crazy routes, Larry who is so sweet and kind and the knowledge blows me away, Tomas and his fun simulator and Rick who made coming in to school amazing and fun. As a result of all these wonderful people I was able to show my appreciation and gratitude by showing them how great of instructors they really are by passing on my first try with 100% through MPI -driving -air brake - and pre trip. Thank you's also to Francine, Nancy, Daryl, Bill , Ivan, Jamie (for making me freeze on grad day to chain up some tires). If I missed anyone I am sorry but I have much luv and respect for all of you!!!!!

All I can say is this school was the best decision I have made and now I will be going to Bison to start to rebuild my life !!! Thank you Jim Campbell and all the staff at FCTC !!! This place is amazing !!!!

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