I have always loved operating big machinery and after getting my Class 2 with Air in 2016, I decided I wanted my Class 1. Financially this was a challenge due to a very bad year in my life. I didn't know what else to do and then this path opened up with a little push from an amazing friend, I decided to try again and go for it. Meeting Jim Campbell was a blessing. He made being at the school so easy among all the horrifying stuff I had to deal with on the side. His door was always open to talk and he always had a kind word. Every one of his staff are just as amazing.

Would give the school five stars from instructors to equipment. Excellent classroom material. Instructors are very thorough on your individual needs and don't criticize you for your downfalls. All in all, I would recommend this school to everyone I know. The knowledge I got from this school I will carry it for the rest of my career!
After completing my training full-time at the First Class Training, I have to say that this is one of the best training centres. There wouldn't be any better than this. The quality of teaching is excellent. All of the instructors are always there to help.

The environment is so friendly and nice. Overall I enjoyed my time here and received what I was here for.
I found First Class Training a great experience, excellent staff, good communication, and very helpful when it came to my weak spots in the course, there was many methods to my weak spots and glad that there was many different options in finally learning and understanding. It's been tough but very happy that the instructors didn't give up on me and pushed me harder, for that I'm very thankful. Thanks Jim, Rod, Trent, Darrell, Larry, very much appreciated.
I had a wonderful time learning at First Class Training Centre, they've went above and beyond to teach me the skills I need to start off in the trucking industry. Just want to say a special thank you to my instructor Jamie for guiding and supporting me.
At First Class Training Center they pay close attention to individual needs, strengths and areas of challenge. The school fosters a proactive approach of building life-long professional drivers by promoting encouragement rather than criticism. They respectfully guide students through rough areas - until they succeed!! The Brandon school is roomy and the equipment for training is perfect for training new professional drivers.
During my training at First Class Training Centre "6 week course", I found it was very easy to understand criteria. I believe any person wanting a career in the trucking industry should have to take this course.

The training provided is above and beyond any standard course requirement. Instructors are very professional and helpful in all aspects. I would and will refer any person wanting Class 1 Training to First Class Training Centre.
I am looking to change jobs in the future and a driving job has always appealed to me. Keeping my family in mind, it has to be a job that has opportunities and pays a decent wasge. With high demand for semi drivers, semi driving seems like the perfect fit for me. First Class Training was great! The instructors worked with me when I was having trouble with the course and went out of their way to be encouraging and supportive. Thank you First Class Training!
The program is very well-balanced and informative. You gain so much driving experience, that by the time you have your road test, you feel more than ready to get your license and start your career!
This is a great school! The variety of personalities between all the instructors and staff make it a very comfortable environment to come to every morning. They always make sure you understand, no matter how tough you find it, through many different approaches and styles. Highly recommend this school.
The program is very good and long enough for students. Instructors are very professional, experienced, well trained, and friendly. Every day, I drive with different instructor and I always learn new skills from their expertise. I really like the program and I can recommend to anyone. The classrooms are great and all staff members are friendly.
he program was very good, learned alot. Alot can be placed on the student as well, it's all how you take it. Instructors all have their own teaching style and personalities, was a great variety of collected experience. Would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in the professional driving career. Had some good times to some times of struggle, but you get what you put in.

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