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Finished High School?  Why Not Start Your Well Paying Class 1 Job in the Fall?

As school winds down and thoughts turn to summer, many high school graduates are wondering…”Whats Next”?
We know that university is not for everyone.  There are many careers that are well paying that do not need the 4 years of training.  If you’re looking to move quickly up the pay scale, there is no faster way than to get your Class 1 license and become a professional semi-truck driver.
We have openings in our 244 hour Class 1 course that starts in September, and graduates in October.  Chances are you can be in a professional driving career before Christmas.  That means that you can begin earning in excess of $40,000 per year by year’s end.
The team at First Class Training Centre are the best at what they do.  They are the most respected Class 1 trainer in the province.   Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or rural Manitoba, contact  them today to discuss your next career move.

Why The Best Class 1 Training Will Result in the Best Job Prospects.

By 2024, Canada’s trucking industry will face an expected shortage of 34,000 drivers. Although government and industry are pursuing various tactics to reduce the shortage, a significant gap will be likely in less than 5 years.

As many professional drivers approach retirement age, an opportunity exists for the best young recruits to be well positioned to dictate favourable terms when they enter the workforce.

Those graduates of semi-truck driver training that have attended a quality school that is well recognized and respected by the industry will have the upper hand in securing a great starting position.

We continue to receive positive feedback from the industry as to how well our recruits are trained and how quickly they can be assimilated into the workforce. If you are looking for the fastest path to the best paying professional driving jobs, First Class is the place for you.

Whether you live in Brandon, Winnipeg, or in rural Manitoba, find out why First Class Training Centre is the industry leader in Class 1 and Class 3 training.  If you are looking for the best truck driving school to springboard your career, First Class is at the top of your list.  Find out why our students recommend First Class to their friends looking for a career as a professional driver.


Could Better Training For Truck Driver in Bronco’s Crash Made a Difference?

The Driver of the Semi-Truck that caused the Humboldt Broncos tragedy has pled guilty to 14 counts of dangerous driving causing death. Could better training have prevented this tragedy?


We all know that we are not perfect.  Humans make mistakes. It is also a fact that the better trained someone is to perform a task, the less likely they are to succumb to sub-standard performance.

The semi truck driver was not influenced by alcohol or distracted by a cell phone.  The stop sign was clearly marked with a flashing light on top, and signage was posted 400 metres before the intersection.

There’s a reason why airline pilots have to go through hundreds of hours of accreditation in order to earn their license. It trains them to be prepared for most eventualities that will happen.   Training gives them a heightened sense of anticipation of potential challenges.  Unfortunately, Class 1 licensing across many jurisdictions in Canada does not include mandatory training. This leaves many drivers on the road with just a few hours of actual experience.  Can you imagine if the pilot on your next flight had less than 20 hours of training before he or she took off?

It’s time now for the federal government to legislate mandatory training for Class 1 licensing.

First Class Training Centre believes that there is a societal responsibility to train professional driver properly.  That’s why our class 1 training course in the most extensive in the province.  We want our students to be the best equipped to handle any and all driving situations.

First Class believes that being a professional driver means being trained professionally. If you are serious about being road ready when you graduate to your Class 1 license, First Class Driver Training is the best choice to make.  Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or any part of Manitoba, take your professional driving career seriously.