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Is a Class 1 License That Much Better Than a Class 3 License?

At First Class Training Centre, we get many inquiries for students seeking information about training to attain a Class 3 license. A Class 3 license limits you to the following types of trucks:

A truck with more than two axles or; a combination of vehicles that includes a truck with more than two axles (not including a semi-trailer truck), or; a combination of vehicles consisting of a truck with two axles or Class 5 passenger vehicle, and a towed vehicle with a registered gross vehicle weight of more than 4,540 kg

If you are going to the trouble of upgrading your skills, why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your skills to the point that gives you the most opportunity?

Short term thinking in terms of professional driver training may limit the potential of a student to maximize their career. As an example. If the job driving a Class 3 vehicle disappears, wouldn’t it be better to have more options than less for your next career move?

If you want to make more money early in your career, getting your Class 1 license will generally move you up the pay scale quicker even if the unit you are driving only requires a Class 3 designation.

You’ve chosen the best training facility at First Class Training Centre to give you the best opportunity to further your career.  Why not take full advantage of that training by getting your Class 1 license? Check the availability of our next Class 1 course here.

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