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Autonomous driving vehicles are coming.  Certainly, they will be a big part of the trucking industry in the future. Many existing drivers are worried that their jobs will be at stake and this is doing nothing to promote the professional driving industry to young people. Why would they join a workforce that will be obsolete in a few years?

But could autonomous driving actually be a boon to getting millennials into the cab of a big rig?

Some industry experts are suggesting that autonomous semi-trailer trucks could contribute to solving just about every road issue the trucking industry has right now, and it could help to fuel the recruitment of new drivers to the industry.

Equipping any truck with autonomous technology does not mean that the truck doesn’t need a person in the cab. A driver would still be needed in the vehicle, for emergencies, for handling the exit or entrance from the interstates, and for actually driving on the local roads. Current and foreseeable technology suggests there will be limitations with weather, quality of road markings, and other not so common road occurrences.

Autonomous technologies will actually make the job of driving easier, safer and maybe even more fun.

Also, a truly autonomous vehicle isn’t going to be standard anytime soon, especially when you consider just how much is involved for safety and security.  Many industry experts think it will be at least 10 to 15 years before there is a significant industry uptake.  Drivers shouldn’t think it means they’ll be out of work. If anything, they’ll just work differently, and perhaps enjoy their work more.

It may be similar in scope to an airline pilot. Sure, the plane can be on auto-pilot for long stretches of time, but when it comes to important work like landings and take offs, that’s when most people are comfortable in the knowledge that a real person is at the controls.

Over the next decade, the whole trucking experience will change such that it will be appealing to young truck drivers. The technology will be exciting and will engage young people brought up in the digital world. Like an airplane, semis will have so many safety features, graduates of Class 1 licenses will not need as much experience as seasoned road veterans to accomplish the same level of competency and confidence.

Autonomous technology should attract more women to the cab as well. This could really help fill the employment funnel with eager young drivers that may help to solve the global driver shortage.

Why not consider a career as a professional Class 1 driver? Whether you live in Brandon, Winnipeg, or in rural Manitoba, find out why First Class Training Centre is the industry leader in Class 1 and Class 3 training.  If you are looking for the best truck driving school to springboard your career, First Class should be at the top of your list.  Find out why our students recommend First Class to their friends looking for a career as a professional driver.

First Class Training Videos Now Available

At First Class Training Centre, we understand that most of our students wanting to become professional drivers are visual learners.  We also know that if you’re not yet a student, you are making your decision on your short or long-haul Class 1 training based on what you see and read online.  To help with your decision, take a minute to watch the short clip that introduces the training videos below.

The best Class 1 and Class 3 educators want you to have every tool at your disposal to help with your training. A video is now the preferred choice of educators serious about providing the best teaching medium.  Simply fill out the form once you click on the video to access full training videos on a variety of topics.

You deserve the best truck driving school for your new career. Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or rural Manitoba, First Class Training Centre is recommended by more of your peers than any other trainer.


Class 1 License Will Open Doors For All Professional Driving Jobs

You may be short-changing yourself in your professional driving career if you have only gone so far as to get a Class 2 license and your airbrakes endorsement.  Although this may get you an entry level professional driving opportunity, it real does limit you to the type of equipment that you can operate.

Not only is what you can operate be limiting, the pay associated with this type of license is about 30% less than those drivers operating with a Class 1 license.

Let’s paint a picture…  Let’s say you get hired on to a construction firm and you are doing a good job driving a truck and you learn about an opening for a driver coming  up on a bigger rig.  If your competition for the promotion has their Class 1 license, then most likely the company will put that individual in the driver’s seat.  You will be bypassed because you don’t have your Class 1.

First Class Training  Centre is the premier Class 1 driver training facility in Manitoba.  If you are considering putting yourself in the “driver’s seat” you first call should be to First Class.  They have the best instructors in the business and have the connections when you graduate to get you started.

Offices in Winnipeg and Brandon.  Find out why employers prefer to hire a graduate from First Class Training Centre.


High School Students to Get a Taste of Big Rig Driving

Manitoba’s premier facility for Class 1 driver training is pleased to offer it’s mobile driving simulator as a career day choice for Winnipeg and Manitoba high school students. Last year,  First Class Training Centre went on a cross Manitoba tour to high schools and gave students a chance to sit in the seat of a big rig. The driving simulator is a modified tractor trailer that contains a full scale simulator that mirrors real semi truck driving.

This is a great opportunity to build the pool of talent for this important Manitoba industry.  There is still a shortage of professional Class 1 Drivers.  By introducing students to this fulfilling career choice, it will have a positive impact on the industry. For more information on having the simulator come to a high school near you, contact us.

The Class in Class 1 at First Class Training Centre

At First Class Training Centre, we like to think that we put the class back into Class 1 Driver Training.  Let’s talk about “class” from 3 different perspectives.

Excellence in Driver Training

1.  Class is where you go to learn.  Our “classes” at First Class offer the some of the best student to teacher ratio in the country.  All of our instructors have years of experience in the trucking industry and our curriculum is industry recognized as one of the best in the business
2.  First Class is really First Class. Everything we do at First Class is done with the highest standards in the industry.  Our facilities in Brandon and Winnipeg are modern and bright, and the equipment you train on is the latest generation tractor trailers.  We also offer the only mobile training centre in Manitoba.   We treat you with respect and have more one on one time than any other truck training provider.
3. It’s about giving you class. We know that you have made a big commitment to get your Class 1 Driver Training through us.   By the time you finish your training, you will have developed the self confidence to be great as a professional driver.  We want you to be proud of your career and build your confidence to be the best you can be.

Back to School is Just Around the Corner – Are You Ready to go back to school for a Career as a Professional Truck Driver?

Many people think of the start of September as the time when kids go back to school.

Maybe you have a young family, and find yourself in a job that doesn’t seem to fit or pay that well.  You’re having trouble to make ends meet.   Maybe it’s time to think of your next career move to start making some real money.

A career as a professional truck driver is rewarding and pays well.  The good news is that there is a definite need for graduates of Class 1 licensing.   Better news is that First Class Driver Training is the most respected and well run training school in the province of Manitoba. First Class Driver Training has offices in Winnipeg and Brandon and offers mobile training to most parts of Manitoba.

First Class Driver Training is the industry leader in driver education in Winnipeg and Manitoba.  Our graduates are successful in finding work all across Canada and the United States. We are PVI accredited and have one of the best teacher to student ratios in the business.

Graduation Rate linked to Job Placement

At First Class Training Centre, our focus is to be the best truck driving and safety training school in Winnipeg, Brandon, Manitoba and Canada.

Excellence in Driver Training

It’s no wonder our graduation rate is one of the best in North America.  Our dedication to being the best helps you to be your best behind the wheel.

It all starts with a dedication to quality in everything we do.  Our instructors are at the top of their game and we have the best instructor to student ratio in the business.  Our equipment is modern, clean and in superb condition.  We also offer the only mobile driver simulator in Manitoba.  At First Class, we create an environment of excellence.

What does this mean for you when you graduate from your Class 1, or Class 3 training?

Simply put, First Class Training is recognized in the industry as one of the premier training centres for driver training.  The trucking industry recognizes our graduates are road ready and can contribute to their organization immediately.

If you are thinking of a career in a big rig, or you are looking to upgrade your truck driving skills, you need to know that First Class Training Centre is the high road to success

Class 3 vs Class 1. Invest a little more to get more.

At First Class Training Centre, we get many inquiries for students seeking information about training to attain a Class 3 (tandem axle truck) licence. A Class 3 licence allows the holder to only operate a dump truck or 5-ton straight truck. And if they do pull a trailer, it can’t exceed 4,600 kg (10,000 lbs).

Potential students of First Class are considering a career move that will involve some sort of driver training. Short term thinking may limit the potential of a student to maximize their career.  As an example. If the job driving a Class 3 vehicle disappears, wouldn’t it be better to have more options than less for your next career move? As well, having a Class 1 license will generally move you up the pay scale quicker even if the unit you are driving is only requires a Class 3 designation..

Class #1 & #3 License Comparison
Class #1 Class #3
Can operate any class of license except motorcycle Can operate only a tandem axle truck and passenger vehicles
Probability of getting job: Excellent Probability of getting job: Fair
Training Cost: $8400 Training Cost: $1600
Course Time: 244 Hours Course Time: 20 Hours

Some companies will only hire drivers with a Class 1 license.  This makes total sense as a Class 1 driver can operate any vehicle.  Class 3 drivers are limited in what they can and can’t drive.

First Class Driver Training is the industry leader in driver education in Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba.  Our graduates are successful in job placements throughout North America. We are MPI accredited, and have a proven track record of success.

Cruise with First Class Training Centre at the 43rd Annual World of Wheels

Our love affair with anything on wheels is legendary. That’s one reason why World of Wheels has remained such a popular show, not only in Winnipeg, but in major cities across North America. It’s no secret that Winnipeggers love our street rods, vintage cars, and custom cars, which is why the World of Wheels show regularly boasts tens of thousands of attendees in our fair city alone.

Whether you’re there to get some inspiration for your project car or trying to meet one of the celebrities on hand, keep an eye out for First Class Training Centre. We’ll be there with Canadian Trucking Magazine’s Dave Mackenzie, along with our mobile driving simulator, as an exhibitor for the 43rd Annual World of Wheels, sponsored by Piston Ring. Held in the RBC Convention Centre in downtown Winnipeg, this 3-day event boasts Guest Appearances, a Student Career Day, and many other Features & Specials to delight and excite!

Our driving simulator will show you what it’s like to drive a big rig on whatever challenging terrain you choose, so be sure to stop by!

The show begins on Friday, March 24th at 3:00pm and ends on Sunday, March 26th at 6:00pm. Discount tickets are available at Piston Ring, find one near you. See you soon!

What Are the Requirements to be Employed in the Trucking Industry?

According to Service Canada, the past few years have shown an increase in the number of truck drivers in Canada. The increase is due primarily to Canada’s overall economic growth and more specifically, growth in international trade, particularly with the United States. Job prospects in this occupation are considered fair and the number of truck drivers is expected to increase slightly in the coming years.

Increased job opportunities will result primarily from the need to replace retiring truck drivers, with the 2011 National Household Survey data reflecting 54.5% of employed truck drivers are between the ages of 45 and 64.

While the job opportunities may be there, you have to know yourself and recognize whether you will enjoy the lifestyle that goes along with being a truck driver. Some examples of occupational titles include: bulk goods truck driver; dump truck driver; flatbed truck driver; logging truck driver; long-haul truck driver; moving van driver; tow truck driver; etc.

Whether you choose to work as a long-haul truck driver or short-haul truck driver, a good portion of your time will be spent alone and possibly away from home, friends, and family for extended periods. If that sounds like it would suit you fine, you can rest assured that opportunities exist in the trucking industry, and a stable, long-term career is essentially guaranteed.

Employment requirements can vary, and oftentimes, on-the-job training is provided, however completion of secondary school is usually required. It’s probably also beneficial to have a good driving record!

Driver licensing requirements vary from province to province, but certain things are standard, such as the air brake endorsement requirement for drivers who operate vehicles equipped with air brakes, and the transportation of dangerous good (TDG) certification is required for drivers who transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.

The only thing that you need to decide is whether a stable career in a growing industry is something that appeals to you, and you can talk to us about the rest, we’ll steer you in the right direction!