First Class Featured in Brandon Sun – Time for Mandatory Class 1 Training

Take a minute and click here to read the article featured in the Brandon Sun where President Jim Campbell explains the need for mandatory Class 1 training in Manitoba.

First Class Training Centre is Manitoba’s premier Class 1 and Class 3 training provider.  If you are looking for the best truck driving school in Winnipeg or Brandon, First Class is your choice. Find out why our students recommend First Class to their friends looking for a career as a professional driver.

Class 1 Training – Are You Winter Ready?

At First Class Training Centre, we recognize that many of our graduates will be driving in tough winter conditions.  Understanding the challenges of sub-zero driving requires professional drivers to alter their summer driving habits.  At First Class, we spend a lot of time with students to understand what is required to get through the toughest winter tests.

When you are new to semi-truck driving, you need to err on the side of caution.  Although we prepare you for all road conditions, only experience  can dictate when it is not safe to be on the road.  As a professional driver,  you have a responsibility to be safe and be cognizant of the safety of others.

Driving in bad weather, especially in snow and on ice, is risky due to more ‘stop time’ required, poor visibility, poor traction and the increased unpredictability of other drivers on the road.  During your Class 1 training we spend time to ensure you have good maneuvering and skid control skills.  You will need to react quickly if called upon to avoid collisions.

There are many reasons why First Class Training Centre is the trucking industry’s trusted source for road ready Class 1 drivers.  Whether you are in Winnipeg, Brandon or elsewhere in Manitoba, your education is too important to leave to chance.  Learn how to drive with the best in all conditions.  For more information, contact us either at our Brandon or Winnipeg office.

First Class Training Videos Now Available

At First Class Training Centre, we understand that most of our students wanting to become professional drivers are visual learners.  We also know that if you’re not yet a student, you are making your decision on your short or long-haul Class 1 training based on what you see and read online.  To help with your decision, take a minute to watch the short clip that introduces the training videos below.

The best Class 1 and Class 3 educators want you to have every tool at your disposal to help with your training. A video is now the preferred choice of educators serious about providing the best teaching medium.  Simply fill out the form once you click on the video to access full training videos on a variety of topics.

You deserve the best truck driving school for your new career. Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or rural Manitoba, First Class Training Centre is recommended by more of your peers than any other trainer.


Humboldt Tragedy Reinforces the Need for Proper Training For Class 1 Licensing

A recent CBC article posted this week showed the disparity of knowledge and training between semi – truck drivers across Canada.  A recent Class 1 licensee from Saskatchewan completed just 16 hours of training before managing to pass his Class 1 license. There is no minimum training requirement for Class 1 applicants in most Canadian jurisdictions.   CBC’s marketplace had the new driver take a series of skill testing road tests with the Ontario Truck Driving School of which you can see how he did by watching the video below
  Click here to watch the video.
Currently Ontario is the only province requiring a minimum of 103 hours of training before they can challenge the Class 1 test.   First Class Training Centre’s Class 1 course is 244 hours.  It’s no surprise that First Class Training Centre has developed the best reputation in Manitoba to provide well trained, road ready Class 1 drivers to the Trucking Industry.  It’s time the Canadian trucking industry institutes minimum training standards across the country.  Perhaps a better trained driver would have meant a better outcome for the Humboldt community.
First Class believes that being a professional driver means being trained professionally. If you are serious about being road ready when you graduate to your Class 1 license, First Class Driver Training is the right choice to make.  Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or any part of Manitoba, take your professional driving career seriously.

4 Things to Consider When You Are Looking for Class 1 Training

In Manitoba, there are many options for you to consider when you are looking for the best Class 1 Driver Training.  Here are 4 points that you should be thinking about as you make your choice.

  1. Longevity.  Look for a school that has been around for a significant number of years.  You want to put your trust into a school that has staying power in the marketplace.
  2. Referrals.  Check out the website and social media to see what others are saying about your options for a Class 1 Driving School.  You will be able to see right away what schools deliver what they promise.
  3. Instructor to Student Ratio. This is a very important question to ask if you are serious about becoming a professional semi driver.  The best schools will have a very small instructor to student ratio.  This ensures that the extra  attention that you need to learn is available to you.
  4. Job Placement. What is the record of the training facilities that you are considering for job placement.  You want to put yourself in the best position to get a job from your class 1 investment.  Your school should have a great track record of placing students in the marketplace.

First Class Training Centre is the preferred choice for you Class 1 course in Manitoba.  With offices in Winnipeg and Brandon, First Class has the reputation for delivering the best professional driver training in the industry. Needless to say, we encourage you to apply the points that you need to consider to First Class Training.  You’ll quickly find out why First Class is the best training for you!


Looking for Job Security?  A Class 1 License is the Ticket

Many students that come to First Class Training Centre for professional driver training are tired of the merry-go-round of lay-offs and downsizing that they have experienced up to this point.  Getting your Class 1 License is the ticket to stopping the madness.

As a big-rig truck driver, your skills are in high demand.  Yesterday there were 87 jobs posted alone in Winnipeg needing to be filled by Class 1 operators.  The beauty of driving a semi-truck is that the transportation of products spans many different industries. Whether you are in construction, the food industry, agriculture or manufacturing, products need to get to where they are going.

For an investment of only 244 hours, you can be in a position to make a great living and be in the driver’s seat to control your career.

First Class Training has all the industry connections to make it happen.  Recruiter come to us because they know the drivers that we train are road ready and eager to perform.

Change your life today.  Become a professional truck driver.  For more information, contact us either at our Brandon or Winnipeg office.

Class 1 License a Great Idea For Boomers Looking For A Change

The biggest segment of the population is now entering their 60’s.  Winnipeg and Brandon Boomers are finding that retirement is going to look a lot different for them than their parents. One of the biggest challenges is that we are now living longer and our money needs to last throughout our golden years.  Many boomers have not saved enough, and are looking for a way to create income from new employment while also accomplishing some of their retirement goals.

Getting your Class 1 License may be the ticket to allow older men and women the opportunity to travel. On the road, no two days are ever the same. Professional truck drivers travel to new places every day. That means that many truckers get to see places and landmarks they always have wanted to see but maybe never had the time or the money to do so. Think of it as free RV trip that you may have always wanted to do, but could never afford. The difference is that you will be making money instead of spending it.


You can teach an old dog new tricks. If you are considering a change as you enter retirement age, consider training for a Class 1 license.

At First Class Training Centre, we are passionate about setting the standard in training people (regardless of age) with drive. We are a certified training facility that is registered as a Private Vocational Institution under the Private Vocational Institution Act. Using the highest standards possible, we pride ourselves in developing quality professional truck drivers. Call us today at 204 632 5302 to see if becoming a big rig driver is the best thing for your future.

Are You a Candidate to be a Class 1 or 3 Driving Instructor?

Ok, you’ve been on the road, driving a semi for a long time, and you’re looking for an opportunity that will free up some time and keep you closer to home and family.  If you have a clean drivers abstract and have 500,000 Km’s in the last 4 years, you may just have that opportunity!  Why not consider becoming a driver instructor and share the knowledge and experience that you have gained on the road.

We are currently looking for Driver Instructors to fill the positions below. Please forward your resume to Only those candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Class 1 and Class 3 Driver Instructor

This person must have a passion for driving and the desire to share their knowledge and expertise of a professional driving career. They must be a reliable individual who is dedicated to providing a supportive and learning environment as a Class 1 or 3 driving teacher.

Have you had your Class 1 license for at least 4 years or longer and are now wanting to get off the road? Have you thought about becoming a professional driver instructor, then maybe now is the time to look into this career.

We are looking to hire a Full Time Class 1 & 3 Driver instructors for Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson. A certified instructor is preferred but would be willing to train and put you through an instructor course if you meet the requirements.

  • Clean driver’s abstract
  • 500,000 kms or 6,000 hours in the last 4 years, proven.

At First Class Training Centre, we are passionate about setting the standard in training people with drive. We are a certified training facility that is registered as a Private Vocational Institution under the Private Vocational Institution Act. Using the highest standards possible, we pride ourselves in developing quality professional truck drivers.

Call 204-632-5302 today if you are interested or send your application to

Sense of Pride and Accomplishment with Class 1 License

I met one of our graduates from the Class 1 training course and she was all smiles when she learned that she had passed the road test to officially earn her Class 1 license.  It was obvious that this was a life changing moment for her and she knew that now she could begin to earn really money driving professionally.

Are you looking for that sense of of accomplishment of doing something that will have a positive impact on your life?

First Class Training Centre is proud of our track record of providing the best Class 1 Training in the province.  Whether you are in Winnipeg, Brandon or live in rural Manitoba, now is the time to take charge of your life for the best and realize your potential.  At First Class, we work with you – one on one to ensure that you really absorb the many details that it takes to drive a Big Rig truck.

Call us today at 204 632 5302 or send us an email and we can share with you how we have changed many lives for the better!


What Kind of Money Can I Expect to Make With a Class 1 License?

9 out of 10 consumer products are moved by long haul truck in North America. This statistic will not be changing anytime soon.  With your Class 1 license, you can be a part of this supply chain and with experience, command in excess of  $70,000 per year.

Of course if you choose to use your Class 1 driving skills inside Winnipeg or Brandon, you will most likely earn less and the competition for these jobs are usually quite intense.

Although you can take a quick course and challenge the provincial Class 1 exam, your salary will reflect the amount of education that you have received.

Most quality trucking firms in Manitoba are looking for a higher standard of training to ensure that their recruits are “road ready”.  Education like this occurs only in respected training facilities like First Class Training Centre.

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry with decades of experience.  Our student to trainer ratio really makes a difference in ensuring that you get the education that you need to succeed as a semi truck driver.

For the best driver training in Manitoba, contact the best.  First Class Training Centre.