When the Suez Canal was blocked for almost a week, the world’s supply chain held its collective breath. Oil prices increased almost 2% and some countries began to ration fuel.  The world’s attention was focused on this massive container ship that was wedged sideways and wondered how long it would be before more than 10% of global shipping would begin to flow freely again.

The world, your world, depends on a strong global supply chain. That’s why work as a professional class 1 driver is so important in our society. As a long haul trucker, you are a key component of transporting goods to market. These coveted jobs are not going away any time soon.  If you are tired of  bouncing from low paid job to low paid job, it’s time to consider a career in the global supply chain. They need you now more than ever.

Learn more about why a professional driving career is one of the fastest paths to a well-paying and rewarding job. If you want the best opportunity to be placed in the transportation industry upon graduation you’ll find out why most firms consider First Class Training Centre as the premier educator for Class 1 drivers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson and rural Manitoba.  

Second COVID Wave Makes A Career Change to a Professional Class 1 Driver a Great Option.

This week, the Manitoba government is applying some of the restrictions in Winnipeg that were in place during the first wave of the pandemic. If you find yourself in the hospitality industry, this could mean a reduced work week and possibly layoffs.

If you had been collecting the CERB, you now realize that it may be more difficult to get government assistance. The stress of not being able to make ends meet will be trying for many people. Maybe it’s time to get off this hamster wheel and change to a career with great stability and earning power. 

Become a professional Class 1 driver. The demand for drivers is great and the pay is phenomenal.

First Class Training Centre is open for business and safely training a new workforce for the supply chain. Your 244 hour investment is all it will take for doors to open for you to make a meaningful career change. As the premier educator for Class 1 and Class 3 training in Manitoba, First Class Training is recognized in the transport as the best provider of well trained and road ready drivers for their fleets.

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