When the Suez Canal was blocked for almost a week, the world’s supply chain held its collective breath. Oil prices increased almost 2% and some countries began to ration fuel.  The world’s attention was focused on this massive container ship that was wedged sideways and wondered how long it would be before more than 10% of global shipping would begin to flow freely again.

The world, your world, depends on a strong global supply chain. That’s why work as a professional class 1 driver is so important in our society. As a long haul trucker, you are a key component of transporting goods to market. These coveted jobs are not going away any time soon.  If you are tired of  bouncing from low paid job to low paid job, it’s time to consider a career in the global supply chain. They need you now more than ever.

Learn more about why a professional driving career is one of the fastest paths to a well-paying and rewarding job. If you want the best opportunity to be placed in the transportation industry upon graduation you’ll find out why most firms consider First Class Training Centre as the premier educator for Class 1 drivers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Thompson and rural Manitoba.  

Should Vaccine Priority Be Given to Professional Long Haul Truckers?

There is much discussion among Manitoba health administrators as to whom should be prioritized for the vaccine shots that we all are looking forward to getting. I think we are all in agreement that front line health care workers, care home residents, first responders and first nations communities should be first in line.

After that, the choices are not that unanimous.  I would suggest that professional class 1 drivers that are crossing any provincial or international border should be among the first to receive the vaccine. These drivers are more at risk than many essential workers as they are exposed to many different jurisdictions with possibly more strains of the virus to contend with. 
Professional drivers are vital to our inter-provincial and international supply chains. Certainly they should be moved up in the vaccine cue to recognize their contribution during this pandemic.
At First Class Training Centre we take our job as Manitoba’s premier Class 1 educator seriously. We want the best possible training for our student drivers and will advocate for them as they become successful members of the professional driving community. If you get a chance, send your MLA an email advocating for semi truck long haul drivers to be part of the next group to get the vaccine. 

Your voice needs to be heard.  

2020 – A Year to Remember

2020 will go down as a year like no other. The COVID crisis has been a huge disruption to everyone’s life. We know that you’ve gone through a lot, and the pandemic has been challenging both socially and economically. Now that we are on the cusp of a new year, perhaps it’s time to start a new career that is resilient and rewarding. 

Time for Change

A career as a professional Class 1 driver will virtually guarantee a steady income through thick and thin. The demand for drivers remains strong, and the pay is phenomenal.

First Class Training Centre has been open for business in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson throughout the pandemic and continues to safely train a new workforce for the supply chain. Your 244 hour investment is all it will take for doors to open for you to make a meaningful career change. As the premier educator for Class 1 and Class 3 training in Manitoba, First Class Training is recognized in the transport industry as the best provider of well trained and road ready drivers for their fleets.

2021 is your year! Contact Us today to learn how a driving career can change your life for the better. 

The Amazon Effect Bodes Well for a Career In Trucking

Purchasing online has become even more common during the COVID crisis. Many people are now getting everything delivered to their door rather than risk crowds in malls. This “Amazon” effect is projected to continue to gain more traction as we enter 2021 and beyond. 

What most online shoppers don’t realize is that this growth in e-commerce doesn’t continue without a strong trucking industry. Getting online orders from stores and warehouses to your door means that the transport business will continue to be in demand for many years to come. Is the industry that you are currently employed in enjoying this type of growth?

Consider a career as a professional driver.  With your Class 1 license, you can finally have a job that pays well and will be secure for the foreseeable future.  First Class Training Centre is recognized by the transportation industry as the driving school leader in providing trucking companies with road ready recruits to fill the ever growing need to transport goods. With classrooms in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson, there is a school near you that can let you take advantage of global trends that aren’t going away.

Contact us today to learn more if a career as a professional truck driver is right for you. 

Many Older Truckers are Exiting the Industry due to COVID 19

As the majority of Canada’s professional truck drivers are over 45, many have decided to exit the industry due to the risks of COVID 19. These setbacks in the long haul sector will exacerbate an industry already desperate for new recruits. 

The demand for Class 1 drivers in Canada is staggering. The industry will have a shortage of 25,000 truck drivers by 2023. 61% of trucking jobs in Canada reportedly went unfilled in 2019 and it is expected to increase by 25% by 2023.

More women are now entering the professional driving workforce – up to 7% in some provinces. However, this is just a drop in the bucket in the need for more people to get into the industry. 

Like any supply and demand model, it is anticipated that wages for a Class 1 driver will continue to escalate in the coming years. Why not take advantage of an industry that needs you?

Contact First Class Training Centre today to learn how you can accelerate your path to becoming a semi-truck driver with income growth potential combined with job stability.  Your investment of 244 hours is the gateway to a great wage and a great career.  First Class is one of the best driving schools in Manitoba. If you’re going to spend time in school, you may as well be in the premiere class. 

With locations in Thompson, Brandon and Winnipeg, we have education close to all Manitobans.  Call us or Contact Us today to learn more about becoming the best that you can be.  

Professional Truck Driving Jobs Don’t Evaporate in Pandemics

Are you at home right now, struggling with not going to work?

In these troubled times, many Canadians find themselves stressing about whether they can make rent or put food on the table. Perhaps they are still waiting for their first government cheque to cover some of the living expenses. Meanwhile, essential workers are being applauded and appreciated by society as their efforts are keeping critical parts of the economy functioning.

Professional truck drivers fall into the essential worker category. Their work to keep supply chains intact for food and medical supplies is not only necessary, but courageous as well. Class 1 drivers are being noticed by news outlets for their dedication and work ethic. Many folks, realizing the important role that truckers are playing, are lining highways and waving hand-made signs with “Thank You” stencilled on.

Maybe it’s time that you considered how essential your current work really is, and think about a career as a professional Class 1 driver.  First Class Training Centre is the most respected Class 1 educator in Manitoba. Why not give us a call to discuss your future today.  Although our classes are shut down until it’s safe to resume, we would be pleased to talk with you about why a future as a professional driver is becoming more respected and appreciated with each passing day. 

You deserve better.