What Lane is Right For You?

You might know that the North American trucking industry is experiencing an unprecedented need for new drivers, and that this demand is forecast to continue for some time. The Conference Board of Canada predicts that there will be a shortfall of more than 25000 drivers by 2020, caused by industry growth and a high level of attrition among older drivers who will be retiring.

It’s never been a better time for job seekers in the road freight business. For years, the majority of opportunities were for long-haul drivers, who could look forward to irregular schedules with very little assurance of “home time”. As a result, many potential drivers were dissuaded from joining the industry. Today, trucking companies have woken up to the fact that lifestyle is important to many young people considering careers, and so have restructured their operations to make employment more attractive.

Today’s truck drivers have more choice, and control, over their careers than ever before. Here are some of the available options:

1) Over-The-Road trucking, also called Long Haul – These jobs, which are relatively plentiful and also financially rewarding, are the traditional “lone wolf” trucking opportunities. Canadian drivers who are comfortable and open to US routes are among the best paid in the industry. Many companies have responded to the needs of their drivers, and offer schedules with regular weekends at home.

2) Domestic Routes – Many companies offer routes that don’t include border crossings, which some drivers prefer.

3) Local Trucking, and Dedicated Routes – For drivers who prefer to be home every night, there are many companies looking for local drivers. While these jobs tend to pay less than long hauls, they’re more family friendly, which appeals to a lot of people.

To find out about the various options available for new drivers, contact Winnipeg’s leading driver training centre, First Class Training today.

The Impact of Ice Road Truckers

Since 2007, History Television has been producing a reality television series titled Ice Road Truckers, which tells the stories of a select group of drivers who service some of the most remote destinations in Canada by hauling goods across the many frozen lakes in the country’s north.  The most recent seasons focused on Manitoba’s winter roads.

Ice road trucking is a very real industry, essential to remote communities and businesses that cannot be reached by conventional roads.  History’s portrayal features eccentric (and brave) drivers, slick production values, and plenty of interpersonal drama, which makes for excellent television.  As a result of the television show, people are introduced to whole facets of the transportation business that they might not otherwise get to see, which can build interest in truck driving as a career.

At First Class Training Centre, we recognize that long haul trucking is a business that’s not for everyone.  For self-starters who can spend periods of time away from home and crave a regular change in scenery, it can be an ideal career.  Currently, there is a high demand for drivers in Canada, and the forecast is for increased growth over the coming years, with even more demand sparked by a coming retirement wave among older drivers.

If your interest in the industry has been sparked by Ice Road Truckers, you should know that those opportunities are relatively scarce, and generally go to experienced drivers.  The best way to get experience it to get licensed and get working, and we can help with that.  Even if you never do drive across a frozen lake in Canada’s North, you can find plentiful rewards, financial and otherwise, in the road freight industry.

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