G & T Class 1 Training Ltd Joins Forces with First Class Training

We are very excited to announce that G & T Class 1 Training Ltd. has joined forces with First Class Training Centre Ltd. as of March 21st, 2014.  With this addition, we’ve added 4 more trucks and trailers as well as 4 more instructors to our team. We would like to officially welcome you to our team and family.

This marks a very exciting time for us, here at First Class Training Centre.  From the very beginning, it was our goal to offer the highest standard of Class 1, Class 3 and related driver training to all of our students.  Beyond the basic training required to pass the test, we’ve always felt it was important to train our drivers for the road.

With the addition of these 4 new trucks and trailers as well as the 4 experienced instructors (coming from the G&T team), we are proud to say we are one step farther in the right direction.  We look forward to more great things to come!

Coming to Canada to Work in Trucking

At First Class Training Centre, we get a lot of inquiries from people who are immigrants to Canada, wanting to know about careers in trucking.  Many of these people are trained and licensed in other countries, and want to know how to bring their skills to work in Canada.

We always refer them to Trucking HR, who have a specially designed portal where immigrants to Canada can find the information they need about our industry, and how to take part in it.

The long and short of the matter is that, to work in the Canadian trucking industry, you must be trained and licensed in this country.  Because the safety regulations and operating requirements differ greatly from place to place around the world, it’s essential that truck drivers on the road in Canada must earn their licenses here.

New or foreign trained drivers who want to work are likely to find that they’re welcomed by employers with open arms.   According to a recent Global News report, a Winnipeg-based transportation company has been travelling to Jamaica to actively recruit drivers for their operation here.

If you’re a new Canadian who’s already here, you can start the process of earning your Class 1 or Class 3 license to drive trucks in Canada at one of Winnipeg’s many independent driving schools.

If you want excellent training, with instructors that are real truckers, with a combined experience in the industry totaling more than 200 years, look no further than First Class Training Centre.  Our instructors are an excellent source of information for those who want to find out more about the business, and training for those who decide to prepare for a career in the industry. Contact us online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302, or in the Winnipeg area call 204-632-5302.

Truck Registrations Down in 2013, But Demand for Drivers is Still High

Truck registrations in Canada were down in 2013, according to figures released last month. Despite the overall numbers being down, the year was still one of the four strongest years for Canadian truck registrations ever.

The trucking industry is responsible for delivery of 90% of the goods sold in this country, and 60% of exports to the United States, our largest trading partner.  As such, it can be considered a bellweather for the health of our economy in general.  The only two provinces to experience a rise in the number of truck registrations this year were Prince Edward Island and British Columbia.

In a recent study, the Conference Board of Canada forecast a shortage of 25,000 truck drivers across the country.  This is because the existing labour pool in the industry is shrinking again.  These figures bode well for those entering the industry, as increased demand is likely to improve working conditions and drive wages up as companies compete to attract drivers.

If you’re considering a career in trucking, visit First Class Training Centre.  Our instructors have more than half a century of combined experience on the road, and we keep our class sizes small to provide the individual instruction you need.  First Class Training Centre is a member of the Manitoba Trucking Association,

To find out more about First Class Training Centre, or the opportunities that exist in the trucking industry in general contact us online or call Toll Free (1-(855) 632-5302.  In the Winnipeg area call 204-632-5302.