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Be The Best You Can Be in 2019 With Your Class One License

As 2018 is behind us and we embark on a new year, isn’t it time that you took charge of your life and became a professional driver?

2019 will be your year. A year of change, and a year of growth. This is the year where you realize your personal and earning potential driving a semi-truck. If you want to make a great wage and experience the open road, the trucking industry is ready and waiting.

There is a shortage of drivers.

Many companies are in desperate need of road ready drivers. First Class Training Centre enjoys great relationships with all of the major transport companies in Manitoba. Let us help you to not only get the best training for your Class 1 license, but also benefit from our reputation in the industry.  Long Haul Trucking is one of the fastest routes to making over $50,000 per year.

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Whether you live in Brandon, Winnipeg, or in rural Manitoba, find out why First Class Training Centre is the industry leader in Class 1 and Class 3 training.  If you are looking for the best truck driving school to springboard your career, First Class should be at the top of your list.  Find out why our students recommend First Class to their friends looking for a career as a professional driver.

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What Kind of Money Can I Expect to Make With a Class 1 License?

9 out of 10 consumer products are moved by long haul truck in North America. This statistic will not be changing anytime soon.  With your Class 1 license, you can be a part of this supply chain and with experience, command in excess of  $70,000 per year.

Of course if you choose to use your Class 1 driving skills inside Winnipeg or Brandon, you will most likely earn less and the competition for these jobs are usually quite intense.

Although you can take a quick course and challenge the provincial Class 1 exam, your salary will reflect the amount of education that you have received.

Most quality trucking firms in Manitoba are looking for a higher standard of training to ensure that their recruits are “road ready”.  Education like this occurs only in respected training facilities like First Class Training Centre.

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry with decades of experience.  Our student to trainer ratio really makes a difference in ensuring that you get the education that you need to succeed as a semi truck driver.

For the best driver training in Manitoba, contact the best.  First Class Training Centre.

High School Students to Get a Taste of Big Rig Driving

Manitoba’s premier facility for Class 1 driver training is pleased to offer it’s mobile driving simulator as a career day choice for Winnipeg and Manitoba high school students. Last year,  First Class Training Centre went on a cross Manitoba tour to high schools and gave students a chance to sit in the seat of a big rig. The driving simulator is a modified tractor trailer that contains a full scale simulator that mirrors real semi truck driving.

This is a great opportunity to build the pool of talent for this important Manitoba industry.  There is still a shortage of professional Class 1 Drivers.  By introducing students to this fulfilling career choice, it will have a positive impact on the industry. For more information on having the simulator come to a high school near you, contact us.