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Humboldt Tragedy Reinforces the Need for Proper Training For Class 1 Licensing

A recent CBC article posted this week showed the disparity of knowledge and training between semi – truck drivers across Canada.  A recent Class 1 licensee from Saskatchewan completed just 16 hours of training before managing to pass his Class 1 license. There is no minimum training requirement for Class 1 applicants in most Canadian jurisdictions.   CBC’s marketplace had the new driver take a series of skill testing road tests with the Ontario Truck Driving School of which you can see how he did by watching the video below
  Click here to watch the video.
Currently Ontario is the only province requiring a minimum of 103 hours of training before they can challenge the Class 1 test.   First Class Training Centre’s Class 1 course is 244 hours.  It’s no surprise that First Class Training Centre has developed the best reputation in Manitoba to provide well trained, road ready Class 1 drivers to the Trucking Industry.  It’s time the Canadian trucking industry institutes minimum training standards across the country.  Perhaps a better trained driver would have meant a better outcome for the Humboldt community.
First Class believes that being a professional driver means being trained professionally. If you are serious about being road ready when you graduate to your Class 1 license, First Class Driver Training is the right choice to make.  Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon, or any part of Manitoba, take your professional driving career seriously.