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Looking for Job Security?  A Class 1 License is the Ticket

Many students that come to First Class Training Centre for professional driver training are tired of the merry-go-round of lay-offs and downsizing that they have experienced up to this point.  Getting your Class 1 License is the ticket to stopping the madness.

As a big-rig truck driver, your skills are in high demand.  Yesterday there were 87 jobs posted alone in Winnipeg needing to be filled by Class 1 operators.  The beauty of driving a semi-truck is that the transportation of products spans many different industries. Whether you are in construction, the food industry, agriculture or manufacturing, products need to get to where they are going.

For an investment of only 244 hours, you can be in a position to make a great living and be in the driver’s seat to control your career.

First Class Training has all the industry connections to make it happen.  Recruiter come to us because they know the drivers that we train are road ready and eager to perform.

Change your life today.  Become a professional truck driver.  For more information, contact us either at our Brandon or Winnipeg office.

Class 1 License a Great Idea For Boomers Looking For A Change

The biggest segment of the population is now entering their 60’s.  Winnipeg and Brandon Boomers are finding that retirement is going to look a lot different for them than their parents. One of the biggest challenges is that we are now living longer and our money needs to last throughout our golden years.  Many boomers have not saved enough, and are looking for a way to create income from new employment while also accomplishing some of their retirement goals.

Getting your Class 1 License may be the ticket to allow older men and women the opportunity to travel. On the road, no two days are ever the same. Professional truck drivers travel to new places every day. That means that many truckers get to see places and landmarks they always have wanted to see but maybe never had the time or the money to do so. Think of it as free RV trip that you may have always wanted to do, but could never afford. The difference is that you will be making money instead of spending it.


You can teach an old dog new tricks. If you are considering a change as you enter retirement age, consider training for a Class 1 license.

At First Class Training Centre, we are passionate about setting the standard in training people (regardless of age) with drive. We are a certified training facility that is registered as a Private Vocational Institution under the Private Vocational Institution Act. Using the highest standards possible, we pride ourselves in developing quality professional truck drivers. Call us today at 204 632 5302 to see if becoming a big rig driver is the best thing for your future.