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What Kind of Money Can I Expect to Make With a Class 1 License?

9 out of 10 consumer products are moved by long haul truck in North America. This statistic will not be changing anytime soon.  With your Class 1 license, you can be a part of this supply chain and with experience, command in excess of  $70,000 per year.

Of course if you choose to use your Class 1 driving skills inside Winnipeg or Brandon, you will most likely earn less and the competition for these jobs are usually quite intense.

Although you can take a quick course and challenge the provincial Class 1 exam, your salary will reflect the amount of education that you have received.

Most quality trucking firms in Manitoba are looking for a higher standard of training to ensure that their recruits are “road ready”.  Education like this occurs only in respected training facilities like First Class Training Centre.

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry with decades of experience.  Our student to trainer ratio really makes a difference in ensuring that you get the education that you need to succeed as a semi truck driver.

For the best driver training in Manitoba, contact the best.  First Class Training Centre.

Class 1 License Will Open Doors For All Professional Driving Jobs

You may be short-changing yourself in your professional driving career if you have only gone so far as to get a Class 2 license and your airbrakes endorsement.  Although this may get you an entry level professional driving opportunity, it real does limit you to the type of equipment that you can operate.

Not only is what you can operate be limiting, the pay associated with this type of license is about 30% less than those drivers operating with a Class 1 license.

Let’s paint a picture…  Let’s say you get hired on to a construction firm and you are doing a good job driving a truck and you learn about an opening for a driver coming  up on a bigger rig.  If your competition for the promotion has their Class 1 license, then most likely the company will put that individual in the driver’s seat.  You will be bypassed because you don’t have your Class 1.

First Class Training  Centre is the premier Class 1 driver training facility in Manitoba.  If you are considering putting yourself in the “driver’s seat” you first call should be to First Class.  They have the best instructors in the business and have the connections when you graduate to get you started.

Offices in Winnipeg and Brandon.  Find out why employers prefer to hire a graduate from First Class Training Centre.