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The Day of Your Class 1 Driver Test… Are You Ready?

Getting your Class 1 license can be stressful.  Especially if your training is not as thorough as it could be. The experts at First Class Training Centre recognize that there is more to professional driver education than a couple hours in the classroom and some spins around the block.

At First Class, we recognize that people learn differently and at a different pace.  That’s why our student  to teacher ratio is one of the best in the industry.  Our team of trainers pride themselves in being able to identify students that will need a slightly different approach to bring out the best in their driving skill.

When it comes to the road test, we ensure that you are knowledgable, ready, and confident.  This gives you the best opportunity to pass your exam.   We’ve had the experience of successfully helping 100’s of students from Brandon, Winnipeg and Manitoba to get their Class 1 license.

We know when you are ready to challenge for your license. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Go through our testimonials on our website and see the success that we have helped others to achieve.   Your future depends on it.


High School Students to Get a Taste of Big Rig Driving

Manitoba’s premier facility for Class 1 driver training is pleased to offer it’s mobile driving simulator as a career day choice for Winnipeg and Manitoba high school students. Last year,  First Class Training Centre went on a cross Manitoba tour to high schools and gave students a chance to sit in the seat of a big rig. The driving simulator is a modified tractor trailer that contains a full scale simulator that mirrors real semi truck driving.

This is a great opportunity to build the pool of talent for this important Manitoba industry.  There is still a shortage of professional Class 1 Drivers.  By introducing students to this fulfilling career choice, it will have a positive impact on the industry. For more information on having the simulator come to a high school near you, contact us.