Industry Training

The following is a general outline of some of our current curriculum. They can be modified or customized to include modules to suit your unique, individual needs.

Safety Project Management

Our Project Management Team has taken on the responsibility for curriculum for Leadership Training and Train the Trainer programs as they dovetail with our project management experience.


    • Confined Space
    • Hazardous Atmospheres
    • Hazardous Substances
    • Fall Arrest

Fire Awareness

    • Hazards
    • Facts about Fire
    • Stop It Burning
    • Heat Hazards

Job Preparation

    • Safety Awareness
    • Job Safety Analysis
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Ladder Safety
    • Electrical Safety
    • Head Protection
    • Safe Lifting and Carrying
    • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
    • Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
    • Workplace Security and Violence Awareness

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

    • WHMIS
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Safety Training


  • To cover all aspects of safety necessary to begin a career in industry.
  • To make you an effective, safe employee.
  • To protect yourself.
  • To create an awareness and understanding that will apply in any industrial setting you may find yourself in.
  • To explore all aspects of safety.
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of industry.


  • To prepare candidates to enter industry as a safety conscious asset to an employer and provide them with skills and knowledge to become a safe, productive team member either at orientation or production level of commencement.
  • To provide individuals with assets to analyze, interpret and correct situations.
  • To provide a safe environment for themselves, co-workers and employees, thereby increasing productivity by reducing downtime due to time loss, incidents and injuries on the job.



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Workers’ Rights.
  • Employers’ Rights.
  • Processes and Procedures.
  • Industrial Environments.
  • Core Course Materials.




  • To provide employers with candidates able to enter a work environment armed with safety tools and skills to enhance orientation and productivity.
  • To provide the individual with knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their co-workers by utilizing accepted industry standards, tools and skills in whatever role they find themselves in on behalf of an employer in industry.


    Emergency Medical Training
    Level I/Emergency First Aid
    Level II/Standard First Aid
    Level III/Industrial First Responder
    C.P.R. – All levels

    Arctic Star Wilderness Medicine courses have equivalency under the Workplace Safety and Health Act Manitoba Regulation 217/2006 and the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 16.12(1) and Health Regulations subsection 16.12(1).

    Wilderness Medicine
    Wilderness First Aid
    Wilderness Survival
    All aspects of back country travel, survival and rescue.

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