First Class Training Testimonials

First Class above the rest

This was the best 6 weeks I've had in a long time. The other students were great, the staff was super accommodating. The instructors are very knowledgeable and will make every effort to ensure your (our) success. I tried other driving schools (with much disappointment) and can say that First Class Training is above the rest. Very glad I chose this school.

August 2012

Joanne Geddes

Excellent First Aid and TDG

At first glance, FCTC is like any other school; upon closer examination it becomes obvious that the instructors are real people that care about what they do. The industry preparedness is significant, the First Aid and TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) courses were excellent. Without realizing it I became a Class 1 operator, and a knowledgeable one. Thanks very much.

Tim Jacob

Received first class at First Class

I attended this course September 2012 and had a great time. Learned alot of stuff, more than expected. This course was well laid out with the best instructors and equipment. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get into the industry. I am proud to say I received first class training at First Class Training Centre. Huge thanks to all the guys at First Class. Wheels up.


Teaching for all skill levels

Very good program, easy to learn and knowledgeable instructors. Versatile ways of teaching for all skill levels. Very good combination of theory and practical, gives good ways to effectively remember proper and safe procedures. 

December 2012

A Happy Graduate

Grads get immediate attention

First Class Training Centre gave me the tools and confidence to move forward with my career. Their experience and industry respect get their grads immediate attention for entry into the work force.

December 2012

David Atkins

Best decision of my life

Had a great time. Learned a lot and more than expected. Best decision of my life.

December 2012

Adrien Parisian

As easy as 1 2 3

First Class was a great experience for me. Driving truck has always been something I've wanted to do and this school has made it possible. They have great instructors who are extremely knowledgeable with the trucking industry and with teaching. It has been a great experience, even when I was frustrated, they put me with the right intructor and as easy as 1, 2, 3, I got it done. Thank you to all guys at First Class. =)

August 2013


Confident to enter the industry

I did alot of research on which school to use. First Class was by far the best decision I made. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable and are flexible to each student based on experience level. I am confident to enter the industry and know I will be a safer driver because of what I have learned at First Class.

September 2013

Jim Abott

Never thought I could achieve this

As a woman coming from an office background with no previous knowledge of the trucking industry, I have found this course and the instructors to be so helpful and informative in helping me to grasp all the concepts of trucking. I especially want to thank Rod ("Big Daddy") for his patience and "meat & potato" type of teaching that has brought me to this point. Never had I thought I could have achieved such a feat. Thank you kindly to all the staff at First Class Training Centre.

September 2013


Lives up to its namesake

First Class Training Centre lives up to its namesake by providing the highest calibre of both classroom and in-cab instruction to fully prepare its students for a successful and safe career as a professional driver.

November 2013

D. Morgan

Real world situations

The course material was educational, but what set this course apart for me was the years of real world situations that the instructors related, and how they handled them. Alternating between in-class and in-truck instruction allowed me to apply lessons quickly and to discuss the results the next day.

November 2013

A Happy Graduate

An outstanding program

This was an outstanding program. I chose First Class because of the advanced curriculum and it exceeded my expectations. All of the instructors have tremendous knowledge and experience and made the program enjoyable while learning at an accelerated rate.

November 2013

Albert Meijering

Well respected school

A well respected school with a good reputation for producing pre-employment graduates that are highly sought after.

November 2013

Kelly Girard

Very fun course

Staff is highly experienced and use various training methods. Very fun course and very challenging at the same time. I would highly recommend this course with anyone who is interested in obtaining a class one drivers license.

November 2013

Denny LeBreton

2nd to none and worth every penny

...Wow what a ride (pardon the pun) from the 1st day of classroom spent on the brake system to the last day out on the tarmac learning how to chain tires, slide trailers and then a hwy trip on graduation day to Teulon!

First Class Driver Training Center Inc certainly has a unique mix of modern well maintained equipment combined with 200+ years of instructor driving backgrounds-and it all comes together in a fun, interactive, hands on approach to the CDL student experience!

I spent alot of time and effort evaluating Class 1 Driver Training Schools in Winnipeg and believe based on the quality and level of instruction I received at First Class...that I am well prepared for wahtever professional driving challenges lie ahead!

Kudos a training school experience 2nd to none and worth every penny!!

February 2014

Robin Tymkin

Two thumbs up

This course was very well structured. Class and truck time was well laid out. Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. 

February 2014

A Happy Graduate

Family environment

Came to the school completely oblivious to driving a truck, after the 5th week it felt like a family environment and I could get behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler and feel confident and professional.

February 2014

A Happy Graduate

Thorough in-cab instruction

Lots of ideas to discuss between instructors - you will get a variety of opinions and driving styles. In-cab instruction is very thorough, and not rushed to make sure you are comfortable before hitting the road. Would recommend "First Class" to others that are thinking about being a professional driver.

February 2014


Prepared to drive for any carrier

The course design of First Class Training Centre's 244 hour Class One Professional Driver's Training is well thought out and comprehensive. I feel prepared to drive for any carrier with confidence now that I have a solid understanding of the basics of professional driving. I appreciated the atmosphere of constant learning with instructors modelling that we never stop honing our skills. The focus of safety in all aspects of equipment and operation is obvious and permeates the instruction. Thanks for a good six weeks.

February 2014

A Happy Graduate

Variety of teaching styles

The program was very good, learned alot. Alot can be placed on the student as well, it's all how you take it. Instructors all have their own teaching style and personalities, was a great variety of collected experience. Would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in the professional driving career. Had some good times to some times of struggle, but you get what you put in.

February 2014